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‘Wedding Central’ opens in Stawell

Local business women Kim Harvey and Beth Gibson have joined business forces to create a unique, one-stop-shop in Stawell for local and visiting couples planning weddings in the Grampians Pyrenees.

Kim, owner of Allure Wedding and Event Hire and Beth, who operates the online Grampians Wedding Directory have opened a one-of-a-kind shared space in Stawell’s Post Office Arcade.

The two women, who met through a local mother’s group, have supported each other in developing their respective businesses during the past several years.  Both have a passion for weddings in the Grampians Pyrenees and showcasing Western Victoria’s leading wedding suppliers and services.

The large complex features an enchanting showroom by Allure, complete with an impressive sample range of decorative hire equipment – including highly popular vintage accessories – plus staples like chairs, tables and crockery.

“Couples are coming from all across the region to visit the showroom and talk through their decorative ideas with our stylists,” Kim said. “We’re also developing a retail range to include wedding accessories, and other cute and funky party accessories.”

Grampians Wedding Directory (, which was launched last year, has a growing membership of local businesses, and now has its own ‘headquarters’ in Stawell.

“The website is the first-ever portal for everything to do with weddings in the region,” she said. “It’s special because the information is tailored to our local destination wedding experience. Even more exciting is the fact that we’re getting non-wedding related businesses to think about what they have to offer.”

Beth said Grampians Wedding Directory HQ offered a space for participating businesses to display their marketing materials, photography and other creative work to the public, as well as provide neutral territory where they could network or meet with bridal couples.

“We wanted to create a space that was beautiful, inspiring, uplifting and welcoming to the public, and a home base for the wedding industry, to ensure it continues to connect and work well together,” she said.

Beth added that the arcade space was also home to her marketing and media company Punch PR and a growing ‘mini market’ of exclusive locally made, eco-friendly and fair trade delights.

Media inquiries: Beth Gibson, Punch PR, 0408 505 880.


The Grampians region has long been a favorite spot for brides and grooms, but now the secret is out on one of Australia’s top wedding destinations.

With spectacular scenery, unique function spaces, fabulous photographers and a swag of professionals to pull the big day together, couples are increasingly choosing this part of Western Victoria for their wedding.

From majestic mountains, native bush land and waterfalls, to the rolling vineyards of the nearby Pyrenees region, other attractive features of the area include group accommodation, nature-based activities and award-winning food and wine.

To help both visiting and local brides easily research, plan and coordinate their Grampians wedding, Stawell local Beth Gibson has launched the first-ever online Grampians Wedding Directory.

“With most couples now researching all elements of their wedding online, our website can save couples getting married in the Grampians precious time,” Beth said. “It also showcases the region as a wedding destination for small or large groups and for couples eloping.”

Beth said the growing online directory covered photographers, florists, celebrants and beauty specialists in places like Hamilton, Horsham, Stawell, Ararat, Great Western and Moonambel.

“We profile big names like Seppelt in Great Western, Warrenmang Vineyard and Resort in Moonambel and The Royal Mail Hotel in Dunkeld,” she explained, “We’re also unearthing local artisans who make items like jewellery and bridal gowns. We’ve even found a flower grower in Pomonal who creates stunning bouquets from native and South African varieties.”

Beth said Grampians Wedding Directory also had a ‘Wedding Helper’ page for brides with unique questions like finding a charming little chapel, historical building for photos, or a last-minute seamstress.

“The Grampians is a beautiful place to get married at any time of year,” Beth said. “With the support of Northern Grampians Shire Council and other tourism stakeholders, the local wedding industry is keen to attract more weddings here – not just for a day, but a whole weekend.”

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